Wonder Nutrition for Men

Wonder Nutrition for MenDo you know there are foods especially healthy for men? It would be great to put them into regular diet to promote men’s health. These foods help achieve better results when you are trying to gain muscle mass and nice muscle definition. This nutrition perfectly fits active lifestyle.

Cottage Cheese

This diary product is a rich source of calcium and proteins. Cottage cheese is especially good for bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. Proteins from cottage cheese are absorbed slowly, thus, constantly providing muscles with “building blocks”.


This fish is the richest source of fatty acids among other oily fish. Fatty acids are essential for men’s health. It’s better to grill salmon for getting higher content of all nutrients.


Lattest studies show pomegranate lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Pomegranate is also boots erection. All this properties make pomegranate one of the most essential foods for men.

Beef Meat

Beef is rich in full proteins and iron that helps the oxygen to get to the cells. Men shouldn’t stay away from meat if they work physically or visit a gym.


Dates are a must in male nutrition. Dates have high carbohydrates content. It is even higher than in bananas. Compare: date’s glycemic index is 103, banana’s – 56. The index is twice as high, so eating a handful of dates after workout will be more effective. The lack of carbohydrates results in worse proteins uptake in muscle cells.


Cabbage bursts with nutrients, and it is low in calories. Cabbage protects prostate gland, having strong anti-cancer properties and strengthening immune system. Men should eat cabbage regularly. Cabbage is an ingredient in many salads, soups and borsches and is used as a filling for much loved by men pies.