PomegranatePomegranate is considered to be native to Persia. Pomegranate is one of the most ancient fruits known to people. It was always popular in the Near and the Middle East. The word “pomegranate” derives from “pomum” (“apple”) and “granatus” (“seeded”). This has influenced the common name for pomegranate in many languages. Under the thick skin of pomegranate there is a fantastically tasty pulp containing three fourth juice – Grenadine. Grenadine contains more antioxidants than in other juices, red wine and green tea. Little juicy pomegranate grains contain vitamins A, C and E.

Fresh Grenadine juice and seed pulp are effective against anorexia, gastrointestinal tract disorders, heart diseases. The juice should be prepared in the usual way, and the seeds should be pounded in the mortar, mixed with olive oil and taken in one tablespoon twice a day.

The scientists have recently found new beneficial characteristics of the pomegranate: it occurred, that the exotic fruit was able to cure atherosclerosis and helped get rid of impotence, and this main male disease is also vascular. Experts claim, that pomegranates have the same effect as Viagra. Eating two pomegranates a day can raise the content of nitric oxide in the blood vessels walls. Therewith the effect of pomegranates as potency enhancers are much stronger than that of other home remedies, such as red wine and green tea.

Women can also benefit from pomegranate, it helps avoid the proliferation of breast cancer.
Pomegranate is rich in the healthiest substances, it even contains polyphenols, which can’t be found in any other bounties of nature. Italian and American scientists working in conference have proven, that these substances directly influence several genes. The genes contributing to the atherosclerosis are hindered by pomegranates. At the same time pomegranates stimulate the gene regulating the formation of nitric oxide. Due to it pomegranates are the first fruits protecting the vessels from atherosclerosis plaques preventing heart attacks and stroke.

Pomegranates are very necessary for those who are ill.

  • They fill in the vitamin reserves.
  • They enhance the appetite.
  • They lower high blood pressure.
  • They reduce headache.
  • They soften the cough.
  • They normalize the disordered digestion.
  • They improve male sexual potency.

Pomegranate juice slakes the thirst well, reduces the body temperature. Dilute it with water in proportion of one-to-one and gurgle, and you will cure your quinsy faster. A hot drink out of pomegranate skin softens the sore throat.

If you have burnt yourself, dub the burn with pomegranate juice. It is also necessary for those suffering from anemia: drink a half or one glass of it thrice a day.

A paste made out of the pomegranate leaves rubbed into scalp can stop the hair loss process.Due to the content of polyphenols the pomegranate skin suppresses the increase of microbes in the bowels. Dried skin of pomegranate brewed as tea is an effective remedy for diarrhea.

Dried piths and carpellary membranes are added to tea to calm the nervous system, reduce excitement. Pomegranate whitens the face skin very well, removes pigment spots, reduces the skin fat, narrows the pores, this is why this juice should be added to cosmetics. Pomegranate is widely used in culinary for the preparation of sauces, salads and cocktails.