Grilled Gilthead Seabream

Дорада-грильThis dainty fish has a variety of names worldwide. Italians call it orata. In USA, it is known as gilthead seabream. It is dorada in Spanish and dorade royale in French. The gilthead seabream is common along the Eastern Atlantic coats and in the Mediterranean Sea. This fish was well-known as early as ancient times, and it was always of great esteem along the Mediterranean coast. Ancient Romans appreciated the flesh of the seabream and they cultivated it in saltwater ponds and pools. A long time ago, people learned how to farm this best-quality fish, and now artificial breeding is wide-spread in many countries. This fish is farmed under unique conditions as in tanks where lighting is altered to simulate seasonal changes. That’s what makes its flesh so soft and delicious.

Gilthead seabream is kept in purest water and fed with special feeds. This results in white and firm flesh and fine flavor. Considering high production costs, this fish is quite expensive. Gilthead seabream is increasingly popular and every year fisheries are breeding more of this tasty fish. What makes it more popular is that the seabream has few bones.

The gilthead seabream is pretty plain looking, but it has a golden crown-like crescent on a hooked forehead between its eyes. The golden mark makes this fish recognizable.

Gilthead seabream is a holiday meal among Mediterranean and Asia Minor peoples. The gilthead seabream will be even more delicious if you bake it whole.

Gourmets prefer the fish of 25-40 cm in size, pan-fried or baked in the oven. Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and low-carb followers will enjoy this fish too. The gilthead seabream is served with white wine, olives as well as with different sauces. Also, it is a great idea for romantic dinner.

Ingredients for Grilled Seabrem

1 gilthead seabream
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Recipe of Grilled Seabrem

  • Wash and scale the fish.
  • Cut off the fins.
  • Gut the fish and rinse it.
  • Dry it with paper napkin.
  • Coat the fish with olive oil.
  • Put a little salt and season with spices to taste.
  • Put the whole fish on a grill.
  • Fry for 25-30 minutes.
  • The fish is ready when it becomes brown.
  • Serve this fish hot