Top 5 Perfect Iced Coffee Recipes

Now that the heat is on the wane cold drinks go down even better when it was at its strongest, don’t you think so? A good thing to have at home is commercial ice makers, and if you are a happy person who possesses one already, you must be well versed in iced drinks, eager to know more; if you are only thinking of acquiring one, good luck and make sure you choose the right category of ice makers by type of ice or by type of cooling. On the other hand, you can find a better use for the money and, put in a little hustle, arrange for a supply of marvelous iced coffee in your kitchen. See how you can go about it – and ensure evenings made more pleasant with a cup of excellent coffee you made yourself.

Iced coffee concentrate

First, you won’t like to go the easy way and just add ice to your freshly brewed coffee – you will only succeed in watering down a good drink. You can always chill a cup of coffee, but you’ll certainly lose the divine aroma. To get a really enjoyable drink do it like this:

Mix up coffee grounds and water in a pitcher, cover up the mixture and let it come to at room temperature. Give it about 12 hours at least, 24 hours would be even better.

Using a fine-mesh strainer and a coffee filter, pour the beverage into a bowl in a thin stream (don’t rush it). The solids in the pitcher and in the strainer can go now. Give the pitcher a good wash, pour the strained coffee back into it and cover it. Now place it in the refrigerator to be chilled for a minimum of a couple of hours (but you can let it chill much longer actually).

Then get it out, dilute with milk or with water, sweeten to taste, and you are set with a wonderful cup of invigorating drink.

Want to enhance the pleasure?

Coconut Cardamom Iced Coffee

Brown a mixture of coconut flakes and a little cardamom stirring it constantly; 3 minutes can be sufficient. Put in a blender the mixture, some iced coffee concentrate, some coconut milk, and about 1/8 teaspoon cardamom; sweeten and give it a good blend-up for about 5 seconds. Then put some ice in glasses and pour over your coffee. You can sprinkle shredded coconut on top.

Iced Mexican Mocha

Mix up whole milk, as much chocolate syrup as you like, and hot pepper sauce (without garlic!). Put ice into glasses, add iced coffee concentrate and the mixture you prepared and stir up well.

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Pour a tablespoon of a vanilla-flavored syrup into a glass, fill one-third of it with ice cubes, add milk, and finally add iced-coffee concentrate slowly. Top with caramel sauce.

Iced Horchata Coffee

Put in a blender one cup of uncooked rice, two cups water, and raw almonds to taste (say half a cup). Blend it into a coarse mixture for about 2 minutes. Strain it, add iced-coffee concentrate and a tablespoon of blue-agave nectar.