Three Color Squid Salad

Ingredients for Three Color Squid SaladDieticians argue that squid dishes help regulate the digestive system. Squid flesh is a rich source of some extractive substances that promote gastric secretion and support the entire digestive process. Besides, eating squid dishes supply our blood with cholinesterase. Cholinesterase deficiency can lead to liver disorders. And Chinese physicians claim that regular consumption of squid flesh in small quantities could prevent the formation of gall bladder stones. Moreover, squid are almost fat-free.

Ingredients for Three Color Squid Salad

1 lb squid
1 carrot
150 g canned green peas
5 quail eggs
2 garlic cloves
2 parsley stalks
20 g capers
½ cup (100 g) olive mayonnaise
Salt to taste
1 tomato and lettuce leaves for garnishing

Recipe of Three Color Squid Salad

  • Wash and peel the squid body.
  • Dip squid fillet and tentacles into boiling salted water for 5-6 minutes.
  • Let cool and cut the squid fillet into strips. Do not cut tentacles as they look good whole on a serving plate.
  • Boil carrot and quail eggs, chop finely.
  • Mix the ingredients together: green peas, eggs, carrot, squid flesh, chopped parsley and capers.
  • Add salt to taste and ground garlic cloves.
  • Dress with olive mayo and mix everything well.
  • Arrange on lettuce leaves, garnish with tomato pieces and green and serve.

Ready Three Color Squid Salad