Learn if Coffee Is Healthy for You

Good news for coffee fans! Coffee that was wrongly found guilty of being unhealthy is now back on top of healthy foods lists. It scored high after reporting the results of full-fledged studies on natural coffee conducted in some European countries and US over long period of time. Tests and experiments involved over 130 000 people.

According to the report of international research group from Harvard Medical School and University of Madrid, people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day have 30% less risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, the study found coffee lovers were more sexually active than those who never drink this beverage.

In addition, Harvard report says moderate consumption of coffee lowers the risk of diabetes significantly. Findings of Dutch research group chimed in with the report.

And if that isn’t enough, scientists from the University of Arizona found that coffee significantly improves intellectual activity and enhances memory. What’s curious, coffee is especially good for seniors. Three cups of natural coffee helps to ward off Alzheimer’s disease (senility).

Scientists discovered another peculiarity – whether coffee is bad or good for health depends on our genes. The fact was discovered by international group of health experts from the University of Costa Rica, the University of Toronto and Harvard School of Public Health. During experiments they found a special gene that regulates the breakdown of caffeine. There are two variants of the gene – “fast” and “slow”. Caffeine is absolutely beneficial for those happy to have the “fast” gene. Those with “slow” gene should watch how their body responds to coffee. But, as scientists say, 1-2 cups of coffee per day won’t do harm to anybody.

Note: Scientists encourage us to drink coffee mixed with milk or cream to stop calcium washing way from the body. This tip is especially useful for thin and blue-eyed blondes who are at greater risk of osteoporosis.