A Kiss from the Qooq Cook

Some excellent news has come from France. Now you can throw away all the recipes scribbled in your notebooks and on scraps of paper. The French, famous for their exquisite cuisine, invented and produced a special computer for the kitchen. It was given the code name QOOQ, pronounced “cook”, which also means “cook”. It can make your kitchen experiments an amusing occupation especially for those who spend little time at the kitchen range and have no experience in cooking different tasty dishes.

The computer contains a great deal of video recipes and almost half of a thousand presentations of ready dishes. If it is not enough you can get a subscription and you will be sent new recipes straight to your computer. In addition to videos and recipes it features a planning ability and can make a list of foods you must buy, thereby ensuring that you won’t forget a thing or won’t go out of your way making needless impulsive purchases.

This tablet computer has a glass screen which is easy to wash – a great convenience, since it can get inadvertently splashed and oil-spattered.

For the time being it is only a limited edition. But the developers are sure that if housewives get to like Qooq, once it becomes mass-produced it will sell like hot cakes.

Special Computer for the Kitchen

Special Computer for the Kitchen