Broccoli to Treat Prostate Cancer

BroccoliRecent study published in the British Journal of Cancer says that broccoli can help men with early stage prostate cancer. During lab experiments, indole-3-carbinol was discovered (IЗС), one of the major anticancer substances that activates hundreds of genes in our body fighting the development of prostate tumor. IЗС works on the DNA level, including the mechanism for destroying cancerous cells and the generation of new healthy cells.

Sulforaphane is another anticancer compound found in broccoli. Men with precancerous changes in their prostate gland took part in tests and examinations. Scientists conducted the so-called broccoli therapy, proving that 3-4 portions of this magic cabbage daily stopped prostate cancer development. Second biopsy was conducted among the same men who kept consuming broccoli for a year. Most changed genes showed positive results and the cancer was stopped.

Note: Anticancerous broccoli’s properties can also help women with breast cancer. Young stalks are especially rich in sulforaphane and IЗС. The highest concentration of these compounds is found in fresh broccoli juice. Thermal treatment cuts the concentration in half.

This article is not supposed to describe exact technical and chemical terms and processes. Our aim was to inform readers about health benefits and amazing properties of broccoli for the prevention and treatment of cancer as well as for strengthening the immune system.