5 Gadgets Every New Chef Needs

Today’s home chefs have more technology than ever to help them in their kitchens. If you’ve just recently gotten into cooking, then you will want to stock your kitchen with these five gadgets that make it easier for you to prepare nutritious, delicious meals at home.

Smart Kitchen Scales

Several companies make smart kitchen scales that connect to your mobile device. Having a smart scale offers several advantages. Many cooks like the gadgets because they can weigh ingredients precisely, remember popular recipes, and share tips with friends.

The Perfect Bake Smart Scale stands out as one of your best options because it communicates with your smartphone to give you step-by-step cooking instructions. You’ll get the best results by using it in conjunction with a smartphone that has an HD Super AMOLED screen. The better your smartphone’s screen is, the easier it is to follow recipes. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a great choice, thanks to its large 5.5-inch screen that repels liquids like water, juice, and oil.
The reliable data connection of the T-Mobile network also helps you make healthy, delicious foods by ensuring that you can look up recipes without any trouble.

Ice Cream Makers

Grocery stores typically sell ice creams that are loaded with unpronounceable ingredients. Food manufacturers add these ingredients so their products can sit in store freezers for months without losing their flavors. Unfortunately, these preservatives don’t fit into healthy, natural diets.

Making ice cream at home lets you avoid harmful ingredients while enjoying frozen treats that are far tastier than anything you can buy in a store. An ice cream maker also lets you control how much sugar and other high-calorie sweeteners you put into your recipes. Believe it or not, there are healthful and creative ice cream recipes that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. The more control you have over your ingredients, the less you have to worry about.

Coffee Grinders

If you love drinking fresh coffee, then you may already have a coffee grinder in your kitchen. Owning one grinder, however, isn’t enough. You need a second one for your spices.

Freshly ground spices have more flavor than spices that have been sitting on the shelf for months. Instead of buying pre-ground spices at the store, get whole spices that you can grind at home. You won’t believe how much better your food tastes when you use fresh spices.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulators

Sous vide is a cooking technique that requires precise temperatures. You vacuum seal ingredients such as lobster, steak, or vegetables in a plastic bag, submerge the bag in low-temperature water, and let your recipe cook for an hour or more.

Using the sous vide method means that you can prepare gourmet recipes without using a lot of oil. You cut calories and fat from your meals without diminishing the flavors you crave.

It’s nearly impossible to cook sous vide recipes without an immersion circulator with a built-in thermometer. Without an immersion circulator, you will have a very difficult time keeping your water at the right temperature. Even a few degrees can make a big difference.

Slow Cookers

People with busy lives don’t always have time to make complicated meals at home. When you’re running short on time, you face the temptation to get food from a drive-thru. A slow cooker can save you from this temptation.

Slow cooker recipes let you put all of your ingredients into one pot. You turn on the device in the morning and let it cook your food over several hours. Most of the today’s models also have timers that let you delay your cooking time. You’ll come home to a fragrant meal that fills your stomach without adding inches to your waistline.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to cook like a professional. In most cases, you can buy these gadgets for less than $100. You may have to shop around to get a good price, but the deals are out there. Now, add these five gadgets to your home so you can start making wonderful meals your family will love.