Vegetarianism Is Bad for the Brain

It is in vogue now to stay away from meat and join the ranks of vegetarians. Vegetarian diets become increasingly popular. Many people think it is panacea for all woes, never giving a thought to far-reaching effects of this way of dieting.

The latest research of Oxford scientists assures us that vegetarianism is not so healthy as it was regarded before. Doctors are worrying that meals poor in animal foods are debilitating the immunodefence. It is no secret that absolute vegetarians are not receiving enough of very important vitamins, microelements and amino acids.

Protein deficiency leads to a weakened immune system and problems in all natural reactions in the body. But it is only the beginning. Scientists draw attention to the fact that В12 vitamin deficiency (it is of animal origin) causes changes in the blood and harms the central nervous system. This vitamin is very important; it can be found in beef in most quantities, beef liver being especially rich in it. There it is most agreeable for digestion.

Scientists have supervised the health of a big group of vegetarians for five years. They came up with the fact that almost all of the tested individuals had their brain functions reduced with the passing of time. Brain activity got slowed down, the memory and the brain’s cognitive abilities were impaired and weakened considerably. Besides, tomograms showed decrease in brain volume and weight. All these negative changes were especially marked in seniors who have been observing vegetarianism for many years.

Doctors urge that meals should be balanced and it is not healthy to stay away from animal foods at all. It does not make you healthier nor your lifespan becomes any longer. Even if you stay away from meat you should not exclude fish, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese and eat poultry meat at least once in a while.

Balanced Food Is the Most Useful

Balanced Food Is the Most Useful

  • Monika Edvardsen

    Some famous vegetarians (with reduced brain functions?):

    Thomas Alva Edison
    Albert Einstein
    Henry Ford
    Benjamin Franklin
    Mahatma Gandhi
    J. H. Kellogg
    Nikola Tesla
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Albert Schweitzer
    Franz Kafka

    Where did you get your info?

  • Bev

    I had been a reluctant carnivore for most of my younger years…and finally became a vegetarian in my early thirties…vegan, for the most part. I believe that short-term natural hygiene (consumption of raw plant foods for cleansing the body of toxins) is an excellent way to improve one’s health; over the longterm, however, I had noted a lessening in mental clarity and some bone and muscle deterioration, most notably in the neck and upper back, which resulted in nerve pinching, and perhaps nerve damage. Since reintroducing some animal products into my diet, albeit reluctantly, there has been much improvement. I will continue this “personal experiment”. By the way…Albert Einstein, while having endorsed vegetarianism, was only one himself during the last year of his life, AFTER his great acheivements in the field of science. I haven’t researched the others listed as yet, but shall eventually. It would be interesting to see how their notable acheivements compare prior/following their commitment to vegetarianism.

  • Dear Monika Edvardsen,

    I am impressed by your info… Really !!! Thank you very much for this USE FULL information about all the “mentally retarded”. It was the best answer I have heard for this month.

    Bev, no offense about your writings, however in order to figure out where is the problem with the pain in your neck etc, you must look back to your lifestyle and your food. All the upper mentioned sounds to me like the next try of the Meat farms to force people to start eating more and more meat using their fears.

    I must say that the responsibility goes to the posters of such information, that might be fully leading to some disorientation of the visitors. If you read some further information about the Vitamin B12, you would have knew, that it is not at all contained in the meat. This LIFE IMPORTANT VITAMIN is existing in the nature thanks to a bacteria, which eats the cobalt and makes the Vitamin B12 (cobaltomin). The truth about this vitamin is that it is contained in the soil where no chemicals and/or fertilizers have been used. The plants consuming the watter take doses of the vitamin inside their sells so this is where from the cows, veals, beefs, pigs etc. are getting it from. It is not a rare case that the pigs (the most dirtiest animals on our planet) are eating soil too. So this is how they get it too.

    I have two questions to ask all the people that believe in this posting:

    1.) Do you believe that the meat for sale on the US/Canada Market and around the world (excluding the organic one) is containing the vitamin B12 when it was feed with vaccines, antibiotics, low quality sausages (returned from the store shelves) and tons of fats will keep the bacteria alive so to produce the B12?

    2.) About the protein insufficiency – have you ever read some additional information about the quantities of such in the meat and their values in all the different nuts and seeds (almond, cachew, macadamia, pine nuts, walnuts, sunflower etc) as well as in the hemp seeds, chia/salvia, quinoa etc..

    Well here is a suggestion for you BEV, if you can accept one from a raw food eater with less than a year experience – consume more vegetarian foods and try to stick with the green plants.The more green it is, the better and healthier it is. Try to increase the nuts (about 100-200 grams a day) under the form of nut and seeds milk (hemp seeds are extremely delicious and provide about 30% of Omega 3). Stop listening every try to foolish you and if you have some concerns, ask GOOGLE and other search engines, do some personal researches but not from one web site only, read why the author thinks it is true and think whether you believe it or not.

    As a last advice, do not eat the animal liver. Do yourself a favor if you respect your body and want to keep your good shape. The liver is the FILTER OF THE BODY, so you cannot imagine what this animal had to filter and what you will consume by eating this liver.

    Best regards and respect to all vegetarians, vegans and Raw food eaters,

  • I have forgot to add some info about the most important food – sprouts. Buy organic sprouts or seeds and grow them at home. They will pay you back every single penny you have paid in the form of health, joy and happiness. This plants have everything needed for the life to continue. Otherwise they would die and would have not survived through the years. So this is my last advice and after that if you prefer eating the meat – it is your choice and your body.

  • Steve

    No valid citations, just a reference to “Oxford Scientists”. Just admit this is a load of Bull-shit lies the meat industry has paid you to put up. It’s not even a convincing lie, you should hand back the money they paid, you have failed you

  • Mishy

    This article is written by an incredibly ignorant person. They clearly haven’t done much research and are quite obviously prejudiced! Please before you write such remedial shit again, at least get some facts to back yourself up!

  • David

    This article is very correct!!!, I also read about this before. Pure vegetarian, vegan, very dangerous for health in the Nordic countries. Lack of essential protein and all vitamins disrupts all body systems.

  • Roy

    I agree with this study.
    I notice that all vegans are old, dull faces. Their skin is dry.

  • BellaDonna

    Since our body is composed of protein, we need a full-length protein, for the good work of our organs, brain is primarily in need of protein.

  • Harry

    Before the Flood, people do not eat meat, but after the flood God allowed people to eat meat, because the climate changed, and our metabolism. We need the meat now.

  • Jonni

    Jesus Christ ate meat and fish. So it is right and permissible. Vegans, you want to be more holy than Jesus?

  • Jerry F.

    I am happy to visit your site.
    Here, all the articles are very interesting! and the recipes and photos,
    Ssuper!!!!!!!! :-).

  • Doyen

    Why vegans such aggressive?

  • megamag

    they are not aggressive, they are sluggish ))because they do not want sex more )))

  • Jam

    Thank you for this article, you opened my eyes.

  • Rocker

    Thanks! 🙂
    I like this article
    and all these comments )

  • Sherlyn

    Everyone makes the choice himself. However, very dangerous not to eat meat at a young age.
    This affects the ability of conception and gestation healthy children in women.
    In men, vegans, decreased sexual activity,
    they face infertility
    the number of active sperm drops sharply.
    This I will say as a research associate.

  • DiNa

    Has a vegetarian ever done anything good for the world?
    They say they are saving animals lives but the animals they think they are saving are only bred for food anyway so they will end up dead anyway.

  • PasParty

    SO MY WORLD IS ALL GOOD :-))))))))))))))))

  • SusieQ

    Wow-It’s funny how vegetarians are so aggressive. I wonder if it is because of all the gas they have built up in their systems. Once they fart, more gas just builds up to take its place. I guess I’d be pretty miserable and aggressive if I was in that much pain from too much gas too.

  • Cool. Thanks for posting this. It is always great to see someone educate the interet.