Orange Mulled Wine

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One of the best ways to get warm quickly in winter is mulled wine, that is, hot wine with spices.

Mulled wine is considered to be salubrious for patients recovering after infections or emaciation. It sends warm waves from the stomach all over your body, providing relaxation for the soul as well as for the body.

There are several rules of making good mulled wine:

  • You shouldn’t bring the wine to boil, warm it to about 175°F.
  • Don’t use pre-ground spices, better grind them yourself.
  • When choosing wine go for red dry ones that are not very strong.
  • Drink mulled wine from tall glasses breathing in warm flavorful vapor.
  • When you have warmed it, drink at once, while the wine is at its best.

Ingredients for Orange Mulled Wine

2 portions

    • Dry red wine, 200 ml.
    • Orange juice: 150 ml.
    • Cointreau orange liqueur 50 ml.
    • A pinch of nutmeg.
    • Honey 1 tsp
    • Cloves 2-3 pieces
Ingredients for Orange Mulled Wine

Ingredients for Orange Mulled Wine

Recipe for Orange Mulled Wine

    1. Pour wine into a pan, put in clove and bring almost to boil, but not quite.
    2. Take the hot wine off the stove, add freshly squeezed warm orange juicehoney and liqueur.
    3. Pour out mulled wine into glasses, sprinkle with crushed nutmeg.
Orange Mulled Wine

Orange Mulled Wine


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