Grape Juice Is Salubrious for the Brain

Much has been written about the benefits of grape wine lately. Dieticians, doctors and scientists urge to include it into the diets regularly. But it appears that grape juice is as salubrious as wine and maybe even more effective in its influence on certain organs. The latest scientific studies show that grape juice has a good strengthening effect on the memory. Drinking grape juice provides a strong potential to delay mental and physical ageing.

Juice made of dark grapes is included in the list of anti-ageing products and known to contain perfect food for the brain. Juice has the same antioxidant complex as wine, but you can drink more juice and you can give it to children. But the research was mostly targeted at aged people, since they have weakened physical and cognitive abilities and progressing loss of memory.

Scientists from the Psychiatry Department at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, US, conducted a number of tests and analyses on the influence of red grape juice on cognitive abilities: the psychomotor system, attention, memory. Patients who had problems with their memory and coordination of movements drank fresh juice from dark grapes three times a week for three months. At the end of the research all of them registered a considerable improvement of higher brain activity.

Scientists believe that the research holds out a strong possibility for keeping the brain functions up and delaying brain cells ageing through frequent taking of products rich in antioxidants and juices made of them, grape juice in particular.

Grapes and Juice

Grapes and Juice