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Salad with Chicken Breast and Carrot

Salad with Chicken Breast, Mushrooms and Carrots. Dietary and delicious, is very good for losing weight. The salad is called – Eleon. Ingredients for salad Half Chicken Breast – cooked Marinated mushrooms: 150 gr. Cooked carrots: 4 Greek yoghurt: 200 g. Garlic: 1-2 A bunch of parsley. Dijon mustard: 1 tbsp. Coriander: 0.5 tsp. Olive oil: […]

Raffaello Cake

This is a very delicious and delicate treat. Preparing is easy. You will be surprised at how simple you can make this awesome treat. Ingredients for Raffaello cake For base Crackers: 100-110 gr. Butter: 60 gr. Cold water: 1 tbsp. For cake Coconut chips: 100 gr. Cream cheese Philadelphia: 250 gr. Ricotta: 250 g. Condensed milk: […]

Real Italian Pizza in the Pompey Oven

Let’s see how to prepare a real pizza at the Italian pizzeria in the Pompey Oven. The temperature in it reaches 450-500 degrees. Pizza is baked, just a couple of minutes. The base of the pizza is always very thin, and the filling is juicy and tasty. Pizzayolo does not roll out the dough, but […]

Chocolate Cake Without Baking Italian Motifs

Stunning delicious chocolate cake, without baking. Easy recipe! Ingredients Cookies: 350 gr. Ricotta: 500 gr. Greek Yogurt: 100 gr. Sugar: 2 tbsp. Chopped chocolate: 100 gr. Orange candied fruit: 70 g. A cup of espresso. Melted chocolate for coating: 100 gr. Send the cake to the fridge for 3-4 hours. Enjoy!

10 Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes

We all sometimes want to prepare a meal that can be easy and quick to fix. Well, let’s look at ten of the quickest and easy lunch recipes that you can cook at home for your family. The good thing about these recipes is the fact that most of the required ingredients can be found […]

Appetizer Christmas Flower

This is healthy, colorful dish for Christmas and New Year feasts. We offer you an idea for decoration delicious appetizer. You can complement this dish with other ingredients that you like. Take all ingredients to your taste Radicchio (red chicory) Tomatoes Corn Mascarpone Marinated mushrooms Prosciutto Cucumber Olives

Apple Crumble Pie

This is amazing cake, full of fragrant crispy crumbs and delicious filling. If you can’t decide between apple crumble or apple pie this is the recipe for you. Ingredients for Apple Crumble Pie Apples: 5-6 Butter: 150 gr. 1 Egg Baking powder: 10 g. Zest and juice of 1 lemon Sugar: 200 gr. Raisins: 50 […]

How to Cook Like a Pro Chef at Home

Knowing how to cook like a pro chef at home is a popular aspiration, and it is something that is easier to accomplish today. Obviously, people cannot just wait until MasterChef returns. Learning cooking skills on that level is going to take a lot of detailed effort, and people are going to be in a […]