Tortilla – The Season’s Most Delicious Snack

Wherever you look, there it is. It took over fast food restaurants, bistros and Instagram. When served perfectly, it always attracts attention and whets the appetite. Savoury or sweet, eaten on site or taken to go. Tortilla is definitely one of those snacks you should have in your offer this season. Find out which tortilla packaging to choose, how to wrap it and how to put together delicious wraps.

The popularity of tortillas

What makes the tortillas so popular? The fact that it can be prepared quickly and effortlessly in a number of ways is certainly one of the main factors. That’s what makes it perfect as a quick snack or takeaway lunch. It’s also a great choice for dessert or brunch. It is nutritious and easy to prepare. Another advantage is its appearance – a perfectly rolled wrap looks appealing and tasty.

How to wrap a tortilla

How do you wrap a tortilla so that it looks appealing while effectively protecting the contents from spilling out? There is a simple way of doing this. Place the filling close to the left edge of the wrap and start folding from this side, so that the left side of the wrap covers the entire filling. Then fold over the bottom part of the wrap, and finally roll up the tortilla to make a roll. To make the wrap softer and more flexible, it is a good idea to slightly preheat it on the grill.

What to put inside the tortilla

Wraps can be served with almost anything. Both the savoury and sweet variants taste as delicious. Fish, breaded chicken, cheese, vegetables as well as even fruit can be put in a tortilla. Different sauces such as garlic, herb or barbecue will go great with it while vanilla or chocolate will be perfect for the sweet variant.

Ideas for savoury wraps

Wraps for breakfast? Why not? Filling based on cottage cheese, radishes, chives and lettuce or scrambled eggs, red onions and tomatoes is perfect to serve in a wrap meant for brunch or lunch. It is also a great idea to use fish such as smoked salmon or tuna for the filling. A vegetarian version of the wrap will become more nutritious after adding beans or chickpeas, as well as a few walnuts for the version with cheese (e.g. halloumi).

Ideas for sweet wraps

Sweet wraps are perfect as a dessert or snack for children. Chocolate sauce, strawberry and banana are classic flavours that will always be appreciated and popular. You can also use fromage or cottage cheese instead of chocolate and add fruit of your choice – such as pineapple, peaches or apricots.

How to serve tortillas

How to serve a tortilla so that it does not fall apart during transport and so that it can be eaten comfortably? Wraps served on site can be simply wrapped in paper or aluminium foil. Tortilla packaging will be essential for serving takeaway. Preferably ones that provide comfort for both food delivery and consumption.

Tortilla packaging

Tortilla packaging made of paper and equipped with practical tear-off tabs work best for serving tortillas for take away. They ensure easy unwrapping of tortillas and comfortable eating. Paper tortilla wrap is environmentally friendly and does not take up much space during storage. A well-fitted packaging will ensure that the wrap reaches the customer intact.

A must-have dish for catering businesses

The popularity of this dish makes the tortilla a current must-have dish on the menu of any catering business, whether serving fast or healthy food. Well-fitted tortilla packaging will make serving tortillas for takeaway simple and convenient. Thanks to the many possibilities offered by tortilla wraps, it is easy to prepare a variety of broad menus.