Sweet Pepper

Sweet PepperThe health benefits of sweet pepper have been known since ancient times.

For example, it was long ago discovered that sweet pepper has the highest vitamin C content among other vegetables. It is unbelievable fact that there is more vitamin C in pepper than in lemon or black currant. But there is much more down the line.

Doctors and scientists found recently that sweet pepper could be an excellent prevention against atherosclerosis. It’s explained by sweet pepper’s vitamin P content that, together with abundant vitamin C, improves blood vessels health to 46%.

While vitamin P strengthens blood vessels and makes them more elastic, vitamin C removes cholesterol. Eating 1-2 peppers a day will get you a daily amount of these vitamins. Sweet pepper also contains other vitamins (A, E, the B group) and minerals (iodine, fluorine, zinc, iron).

Note: You will get the most out of fresh sweet pepper in salads or by itself because raw pepper is twice as healthy as canned one.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers