Shrimp Fights Cancer

ShrimpsAustralian scientists discovered yet another strong antioxidant. They extracted it from the shells and heads of shrimp. The substance is called astaxanthin. Scientists say astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. It is three times as active and strong as beta-carotene, long regarded as the top antioxidant. And it is way stronger than tocopherol known as vitamin E (almost 540 times stronger). Two additional atoms which other antioxidants lack impart this miracle power to astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is responsible for deep red color of all Salmon fishes, red caviar and the shell of crustacean species when exposed to thermal treatment. It means we’ve been consuming astaxanthin-rich foods without even realizing their health benefits. Now, due to latest scientific findings, we could focus on this gift of nature and include more of red-colored seafood into our regular diet.

Health Benefits of Shrimp and Other Red Seafood

  • Stimulating the regeneration of cells.
  • Protecting from the disorders of nervous system and improvement of brain activity.
  • Preventing the destruction of cell membranes and skin inflammatory diseases.
  • Strengthening the immune system, thus helping the body fight tumors.
  • Supporting the elasticity of ligaments and cartilages.
  • Slowing down the inflammatory processes in joints and blood vessels and fighting thrombosis.
  • Preventing premature aging and supporting the restoration of sexual activity.
Note: Some pharmaceutical companies launched the line of astaxanthin supplements, but they are far less beneficial compared to natural seafood. The benefits of natural astaxanthin are hard to overestimate, so add more of orange and red colored seafood into your diet.