Romantic Cuisine

Erotic Cuisineromantic cuisine is a whole art, which was created by our ancestors. It plays a huge role in our lives, though sometimes we even don’t notice it. But choosing the right food helps solve many love and everyday problems.

If you use the “love cuisine” correctly, you will be able to discover in full all the secrets and beauty of love relationships between a man and a woman and solve many problems, which stand in your way and prevents from enjoying love. romantic cuisine widely uses fruits, vegetables, marine products, roots, flavoring and spices for the food preparation.

  • It also includes milk and cultured milk foods like kefir, yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese.
  • The foods we eat should contain many vitamins including so-called reproduction vitamins – A and E, which are present in eggs, cod liver and carrots.
  • It’s very important for the sexual arousal to have nodeficiency in vitamin B, contained in meat, sea foods, farinaceous food, potato, fish.
  • In addition, erotic food should contain enough for the organism proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

A deep-rooted tradition of the romantic cuisine is to season the dishes with different spices: pepper, oregano, basil, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. All this roots in the Ancient East, blissful and passionate, sensual and amorous.

You can perform miracles at the table, if you add a tender smile, a gentle touch or an erotic hint to the dish. Such food will arouse interest and give an opportunity to increase your potency for a night of love.