Potato Cream Soup

Potato Cream Soup

This is the recipe of German potato cream soup with our variations.

This soup will give you pleasant warmth in cold weather; it will nourish you with its wonderful taste and flavor.

In Germany, sausage is added to this soup. However, we advise adding boiled chicken meat.

The dish will be very tasty.

Ingredients for Potato Cream Soup

  • Potatoes large: 2-3
  • Carrots: 2-3
  • Onions: 2-3
  • Celery: 2-3 stalk
  • Cream, sour cream or yogurt: 100 grams.
  • Salt, pepper, spices, herbs: everything to taste.
  • Chicken broth or water.

Recipe for Potato Cream Soup

  1. Cut all the vegetables into cubes.
  2. Place the vegetables in a saucepan.
  3. Add broth, so that the vegetables are covered.
  4. Cook until soft.
  5. Then turn everything into a puree using a blender.
  6. Add cream. Bring the taste to perfection using spices and salt.
  7. Serve with crackers, boiled meat or sausages.
Potato Cream Soup

Potato Cream Soup