Grapefruit Can Be Dangerous

According to a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, some drugs sold on prescription can give serious side effects when mixed with grapefruit – and not all doctors know about that.

The latest data show that there are over 85 different drugs that can correlate with grapefruit and 43 that can bring on harmful side effects.

Only one grapefruit can intensify the effect of a drug by several times, no matter how many hours before or after the intake of the drug the grapefruit was eaten.

Those who take drugs on a regular basis can intensify their side effects. For example, if you mix Simvastin, a popular statin, with 200ml grapefruit juice for three days, it boosts the concentration of the drug by 330% compared to a water solution.

The researchers conclude that the situation requires further understanding of the correlation for harmless and efficacious intake of drugs.

Ironically, it emerged from an earlier study that grapefruit juice can heighten the effect of antineoplastic drugs.