Calcium Helps Lose Weight

Scientists from the University of California have published new study on how calcium is linked to obesity. Lab experiments showed the following fact: sufficient calcium intake helps to control normal weight and to lose extra pounds quickly.

Scientists explain the effect by the role of the D vitamins, or so-called calcitriol in the calcium uptake. Calcitriol is produced in kidneys and acts like a hormone. It is this hormone that gets activated by calcium, which triggers complex chemical reaction making our body start burning fat cells as an immediate source of energy.

Eating calcium-rich foods will not only gain you health, beauty, strong teeth, bones and hair but also will help you get slimmer. You won’t fall prey to obesity plague or osteoporosis.

Among the most calcium-rich foods are milk, cottage-cheese, all cheeses, meat, fish (including canned fish), walnut, legumes and green vegetables. To maintain robust health doctors encourage daily calcium intake of 1800-2000 mg.

Note: It’s sometimes hard to get your daily calcium intake from natural foods. If after health consultation you’ve decided to take calcium supplements, make sure vitamin D is there, too. In case you have stones in kidneys, getting calcium from natural diet would be better option.
Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino Cheese