Black Tomatoes Conquer the World

Black tomatoes, known by their trade name Kumato, have been on sale in European stores in the last couple of years. They are dark green or brownish in hue and originate from the Galapagos Islands. They are the result of cross-breeding with other kinds of tomatoes in an attempt to enhance their properties and they are not genetically modified.

Black tomatoes have a thick skin and texture and boast an incredible taste. Their sweet pulp tastes rich and pungent. They contain more dry substances, vitamins and antioxidants than the common type of tomatoes. Besides anthocyanin that gives kumato its dark color makes for a good protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases and inhibit the ageing process. And also kumato have aphrodisiac properties

This kind of tomatoes is grown in ideal climatic conditions by licensed producers only, that’s why they cost more than the common run of tomatoes.

Black Tomatoes

Black Tomatoes Kumato