Stuffed Apples

Ingredients for Stuffed ApplesApples with nuts and honey are a perfect dietary, light and nutritious dish, which is good for kids, sportsmen, pregnant women and an excellent dessert for a romantic dinner. This dish contains a lot of iron and vitamins. Soft apple pulp saturated with honey and lightly fried nuts create a unique aroma and taste. Let yourself enjoy this dish too and include it into your diet, because the consumption of these products increases hemoglobin and strengthens your health. By the way, stuffed apples are very simple to prepare.

Inredients for Stuffed Apples

1 kg apples
200 g walnut kernels
100 g honey

Preparation of Stuffed Apples

  • Remove the core and the seeds from the apples.
  • Skin the walnut kernels and crumble them up with your hands. Fry them a little.
  • Mix walnuts with honey.
  • Stuff the apples with the mixture, place them in a deep pan.
  • Bake at 150-180 C Degree till the apples are ready for about 30 minutes.

Ready Stuffed Apples