Apples Are Healthy for Future Babies

ApplesApple is one of the healthiest fruits existing on our planet. Latest studies added new items on the long list of apple health benefits. Not only do apples effectively protect us from such serious health problems as heart disorders and cancer, they are also able to keep yet unborn babies out of weak immune system. The fact was discovered by American immunologists after they’d conducted a series of experiments. Over a thousand of expectant mothers were tested during the pregnancy, which later was followed by the medical tests of their babies under five years of age. The researchers established the link between the health of babies and their mother’s pregnancy diet. Here is an interesting fact from the study. If an expectant mother had a healthy diet and ate, at least, one apple on the daily basis, it led to 40-50 percent lower risk of asthma and allergy in her baby. The scientists firmly claim that the healthy effect of apples is explained by their rich content of strong antioxidants that can influence a baby in the womb.