Cranberry Is Effective Antibiotic

Latest studies have shown that not only does cranberry boost the effects of antibiotics, it is also a natural medicine and a strong antibiotic itself. In terms of antioxidants content, cranberry was found to be incomparable, beating even all-time leader – red wine.

Scientists from Israel and America concluded that this wonder berry could replace many drugs. It is particularly effective against kidney and urinary bladder inflammations. Scientific studies revealed how fresh cranberry juice affects bacteria in urinary tract. Cranberry provides proantocyanidins, which are natural highly biological active antioxidants related to polyphenols group. They are fifty times stronger than vitamin E. They prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of urinary tract and stop their proliferation. It kills harmful bacteria and promotes their flushing out of the system. It cures inflammation and provides recovery. And cranberry heals without any side effects compared to many chemical drugs. Besides, these antioxidants restore damaged membranes of cells, preventing their ageing, and even could stop growing of tumors.



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