Blackberry Juice

Blueberry Juice Improves Memory

It happens quite often that we find we cannot remember things. Memory is very closely connected with our mental and physical health. Researchers from the USA and Canada discovered that drinking one or two cups of blueberry juice a day improves the memory to a considerable extent. It is of special importance for older individuals, because it is no secret that our memory gets more and more fallible as the years go by.

Blueberry contains polyphenols which include some of the most important anthocyanins. They have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyanins are very effective in fighting down oxidative stress which is linked with some neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Scientists believe that these substances also have a beneficial effect as preventives for cancer, ageing, neurological diseases, inflammations, diabetes and even help smother bacterial infections.

Scientific experiments revealed that blueberry anthocyanins help enhance neuron-to-neuron communication, improve glucose feeding of the brain and produce a direct strengthening influence on the memory. Therefore it would be reasonable to expect that these compounds can inhibit neurodegeneration in people.

Blackberry Juice

Blueberry Juice

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