Appetizer “Owl’s Eyes”

Ingredients for Appetizer “Owl’s Eyes”Check out this easy appetizer recipe and try this light mouth-watering sandwich with olives, cheese and sausage.

It’s a great short-order sandwich when you don’t expect any guests.

This appetizer looks pretty on the table.

You can get creative and make sandwiches using any ingredients available.

Ingredients for Appetizer “Owl’s Eyes”

10 slices of toast bread
200 g sausage
10 slices of toast cheese
50 g pickled carrot sticks
50 g olives

Recipe of Appetizer “Owl’s Eyes”

  • Cut slices of bread diagonally and put them in toaster.
  • Wait until bread is done.
  • Cut cheese slices diagonally.
  • Cut sausage into slices and then cut slices in half.
  • Pit olives if needed.
  • Put cheese on toasted bread.
  • Add sausage slices.
  • Coil pickled carrot sticks and place on sausage slices.
  • Put olive in the center
  • Garnish with parsley stalk.

Appetizer “Owl’s Eyes”