3 Benefits of Investing in an All In One Cooking Appliance

Being a mum is a never-ending job. After a stressful day, it’s likely that the last thing you want to do is cook for the family. Thankfully there is another option that isn’t as labour intensive as making an entire meal. It enables you to feed your family something healthy on days you don’t want to cook. Sounds perfect, right?

We can thank the French for designing the Thermomix, the ubiquitous all in one cooking appliance that is spreading around the world. There are other brands on the market by Kenwood and Tefal, but like many popular of our favourite gadgets, the original Thermomix is synonymous with all in one cooking appliances.

What Exactly Are They?

An all in one cooking appliance is a food processor mixed with a traditional stand mixer. It can heat and stir meals at varying temperatures and speeds. It is an appliance that performs the same jobs that several other appliances do individually. Some models come with a touch screen that will even walk you through recipes.

There are numerous devices on the market that perform multiple roles and a lot of them looking kind of complicated at first. Websites like Nuageuse do a great job of explaining the differences between many of the options on the market.

So what’s the deal with the Thermomix and all in cooking appliances in general? Is this really as amazing as it sounds?

The following are 3 tops benefits of investing in one of these appliances.

1. They Give Anyone The Ability To Cook

Possibly the biggest benefit of these devices is that they can enable people who normally burn water to transform into their favourite celebrity chef. It can do a laundry list of applications in the kitchen for you like chopping and sautéing an onion, cook and then puree a soup, whip cream for desserts, knead dough and automatically cook a couple of hundred recipes. Less expensive models by other brands perform similar functions, albeit not quite as well.

2. Easy To Use

Operating these types of machines can be as simple as measuring the amount of an ingredient that you need to put into a meal, and simply hitting the next button while the machine “magically” works its way onto the next step in a recipe. It makes many recipes foolproof and limits the amount of cooking you will have to do.

About the most involved you would have to be is with baked goods, where you would have to portion out biscuits onto a pan to bake or roll out a pizza dough before putting toppings on it and placing it in an oven.

3. Promotes Healthy and Home Cooked Meals

Two important factors in raising children well include having regular meals together and eating healthy foods. These types of devices make it much easier to do both. By making the cooking process as easy as can be, there is little reason why you shouldn’t be able to eat regular meals with your family unless you are working. You can even get your kids involved in the process!

This all in one appliance is perfect for foods full of vegetables and lower fat proteins like fish and chicken. Plus cooking meals from scratch reduces the number of processed foods and additives you and your family will consume.

While most all in one cooking appliances are a bit expensive, they make up for it in ease of use, durability, and versatility. They encourage even the worst cooks to create healthy meals to eat with a big family.

These all in one appliances are proving that sitting down with your kids for a home cooked meal won’t ever go out of style!