Yoghurt’s Wonderful Property

A new study has been published that reveals yoghurt’s unique…
Ingredients for Yoghurt with Fruits

How to Make Yoghurt with Fruits

This yoghurt can make a part of any diet, slimming diets included.…
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Moldavian Placindas with Cottage Cheese

Placindas are flat pies or cakes with stuffing. It is a highly…
Ingredients for Liver Patties

The Liver Patties Recipe

Today we baked patties with liver. We had chicken liver, but…
Ingredients for Crescent Rolls

The Recipe for Crescent Rolls with Plum Jam and Nuts

Treat your nearest and dearest (and yourself!) to nice crescent…
Ingredients for Oat Pancakes

Try Oat Pancakes with Tangerine Confit and Berries

This recipe will allow you to make pancakes that will be liked…
Ingredients for Pancakes with Meat

The Recipe for Pancakes with Meat

Thin crispy pancakes with meat make an excellent dish for dinner…
Ingredients for Potato Pancakes

Let’s Make Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes are popular in many countries. They can be thick…
Ingredients for White Asparagus with Egg

How to Cook White Asparagus with Egg and Cheese

Spring is the time when we can best enjoy dishes with fresh asparagus…
Ingredients for Tomato and Cucumber Salad

The Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Yogurt Recipe

This salad has become a favorite with us. A juicy, soothing taste,…
Ingredients for Tzatziki with Feta Cheese

How to Make Tzatziki with Feta Cheese

Tzatziki is a Greek sauce commonly served with fresh homemade…
Ingredients for Vanilla Buns

The Sweet Roll with Raisins Recipe

A roll made from yeast-fermented dough with raisins will charm…
Ingredient for Beauty Salad

Beauty Salad

Dietitians recommend these products to keep your skin fresh and…
Ingredients for Vanilla Buns

Making Vanilla Buns

Fresh buns smelling of vanilla will be just right for breakfast.…
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The Omega 3 Addition Swindle

Displayed in stores now are foods crying out loud that they contain…