Bloody Cakes

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These cupcakes look too dangerous for anyone wanting to try them, don’t they? Really, it’s as if they have come from a scene of a violent crime. Bloody-red velvet cakes with shards of bloodstained glass in them, wow!

Nevertheless, stay calm, nothing untoward happened. It’s just a creation of a New York confectionery Magnolia Bakery, that was commissioned to make such cakes to promote the air of the popular serial Dexter 7 season, for channel Showtime.

The glass shards won’t hurt your mouth, they are made from sugar, and the blood is but cherry syrup with some additional coloring. Still you have to be quite courageous to eat a cake like this.

If these cakes were on sale, they would have been snatched up for Halloween parties, but they are not, so the best you can do is borrow the concept.

Bloody Cakes

Bloody Cakes


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