A Catalonian Recipe to Cook Lobsters

Sardinia, being close to Catalonia, took over many of Catalonian dishes. For one, here’s a Spanish recipe for cooking lobsters, and though the dish’s name is in Catalonian, the Sards regard it as their own. Sardinian cuisine is famous for its incredibly marvelous seafood dishes, which is hardly surprising, since there’s sea all around. So you can have lobsters cooked in this way in Sardinia – oh, in the whole of Italy – and they are delicious! Dish called – aragosta alla catalana.

Ingredients for Catalonian Lobsters

3 portions

    • Lobsters: 3 pc.
    • Cherry tomatoes or daterini: 500 gr.
    • Half white onion.
    • Bunch of parsley.
    • Extra virgin olive oil: 4-5 tbsp
    • Salt: to taste.
    • lemon
Ingredients for Catalonian Lobsters

Ingredients for Catalonian Lobsters

Recipe for Catalonian Lobsters

    1. First prepare a salad from tomatoes, onion, parsley and olive oil.
    2. Boil salted water in a large pan. Put in the lobsters, cover up, bring to boil and go on boiling for about 15 minutes. Take the lobsters out of the pan and let them cool down.
    3. Turn the lobster on the back. Open its belly with scissors and cut the body in two.
    4. Remove the black stomach and the small stomach sack in the head. Don’t throw away the green liver in the head, it is considered to be a gourmet piece. Use it for the sauce.
    5. Mash the liver with olive oil, juice of half a lemon, and pour this sauce over the lobster. Lay the salad around and serve.
    6. Don’t forget to provide tongs to break the claws with.
Catalonian Lobsters

Catalonian Lobsters

Catalonian Lobster

Catalonian Lobster


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